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This books communicates how to make running a business awesomely simple, clarifying that it takes a focused and determined effort. The information in the book has a wealth of additional resources to help turn these ideas into action."

Want to learn more about writing or improve your skills? Here are 50 (count 'em!) totally free courses to relish, from commercial to fiction to journalism.

How to Self-Publish Your Own Books as a Business Model

How to Self-Publish Your Book from Scratch (and how to self-publish books as a legitimate business model). #selfpublish #author

42 Fictional Quotes to Help You Achieve Real Success #infographic ~ Visualistan

42 Fictional Quotes to Help You Achieve Real Success #infographic

This is the "Shiba Ryotaro Memorial Museum" in Higashiosaka, Japan. "Shiba Ryotaro was an important figure in Japanese literature after the World War II."]

I have a confession to make. I’m a hoarder. No, not one of those crazy hoarders that you see on the show actual TV show Hoarders (no offence to anyone reading this who is!). I’m a hoarder of baking stuff. Mainly things like chocolate chips, M&M’s, Jello, Oreos, marshmallows, etc. Things that I see on... Read More »

Best Business Books for Bloggers

My List of 10 Awesome Business Books for Bloggers & Small Business Owners. Read here:

9 New Books That Could Be the Next 'Outlander'

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