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Vegetable Dye Color Chart Endpaper of Vegetable Dyeing: 151 Color Recipes for Dyeing Yarns and Fabrics with Natural Materials by Alma Lesch 1970. Larger scan available at site.

Symphony in green. Vegetable dyed yarns from the 1930s that still has the labels saying what the yarn is dyed with. With the yarn some sweet chestnuts, elderflower berries and dried Echinops. The platter and the weaving is also from the 1930s. Styling & Photography © Ingrid Henningsson/ Of Spring and Summer.

Using natural dyes from nature, of course: For yellows ~ Coreopsis, Goldenrod, Onion skins, Dandelions. For greens ~ Lily of the Valley, Queen Anne's Lace, Rhododendron, Spinach, Nettles. For purples or lavenders ~ Blackberries, Elderberries, Mulberries For reds ~ Hibiscus, Sumac. For pinks ~ Strawberries, Cherries, Roses. For browns ~ Acorns, Marigold. Build a fire under dye kettle in last photo and boil away!

Red hibiscus flower dye | Flickr - Photo Sharing! - on the left is alum mordant and on the right is iron