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Favourite Line From Modern Family

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"I like you very much. Just as you are." Colin Firth...Mr. Darcy in every century, situation and scenario is perfection...sigh!

Stiles and Isaacs relationship always made me so happy. I always got the feeling they were kind of fighting over Scott's attention and rights to be his wing man. And I always thought there was a little extra tension between the two because of Scott. And I think Isaac moving in with Scott definitely amped it up for Stiles a little bit. Of course it would have only been fair for Stiles to take to Derek the same way;)

Moi, Daniel Blake, le brulot social de Ken Loach retourne l'estomac

FAISONS TOUS DES RÉCLAMATIONS DANS NOS CINÉMAS ! "Moi, Daniel Blake". Ken Loach reçoit sa 2ème palme d'or à Cannes, ce qui est très rare. Malgré cela, autour de Bordeaux, seuls 3 cinémas le programment la semaine de sa sortie ! Écœurant !