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Five-Point Harnesses vs. Booster Seats: Choosing What's Right for Your Child at the Right Time

There's no hurry to switch your child to the next stage. Bumping up a stage as soon as your child reaches the minimum to do so is not a milestone to be celebrated. For maximum protection, keep your children in each stage for as long as possible.

Here are 8 Rear Facing Myths busted (all the ones you are thinking of right now). This is my favorite snippet "just like you wouldn’t let them run into a busy street because they threw a fit about how fun it is to play in traffic – it doesn’t make sense to compromise their safety in the car just because they throw a fit about being stuck in one place for more than fourteen seconds."

Setting healthy sleep protocols and boundaries from the begging is comforting to a child who has been traumatized by being removed from his or her bio-parents.

Picture Guide to Car Seat Safety. This is something that is very worthwhile for new parents, but is even a good reminder for long-time parents. Make sure ALL your caregivers who put your kids in your car review it.

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