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If you think someone arbitrarily writing something down on a piece of paper, calling it law and demanding you obey is legitimate. You are truly, deeply, mentally enslaved.


This is the most important lesson of life. I love to post the juxtaposition of historical & fantasy with similar contemporary expressions. I love beauty, style and all kinds of design. The images I post help me to escape, they enchant me, they make me...

Love her art and her comment about this poster "great mantra when clearing clutter from our lives. Whether it's emotional clutter or physical clutter, ask - "Does this serve me?" If it doesn't, it's most likely time to let it go."


Etsy: motivational quote dictionary art - If Your Dreams Don't Scare You, They're Not Big Enough book page - inspirational quote dictionary art.Dream Time with Carole J. Stokes, N.D from South East Queensland, Australia on Creating Calm Network Broadcasts

Home Seeker of beautiful things. Twenty something dreamer. Shutterbug. Living in Greece. Blessed to have a loving, talented hubby and an amazing girl. Welcome to my personal blog! Expect to find: My...