BOXHILL’s Steel Loft Mod Dish was created by designer Shannon Lester. Intended to honor the ideals of water conservation, this shallow metal dish is still of generous proportions, offering the opportunity to fill it with a cornucopia of desert plants, decorative items or a colorful display of delectable fruit. View our entire collection of contemporary planters at

Illuminated led tapered planter

Light up your space with the tall, modern glow of BOXHILL's Illuminated LED Tapered Planter. We love putting large, house number stickers on the front of this planter and using it to illuminate a front porch! See our entire lighting collection at

Illuminated led cone planter

Get your glow on with BOXHILL's Illuminated LED Cone Planter! So sleek and modern, you'll love the way this planter lights up your space. We love lining these planters along a driveway for big, visual impact! View all of our unique lighting options at

Illuminated led classic planter

Light up your yard in a way that will truly get you noticed with BOXHILL's Illuminated LED Classic Planter. We love setting these planters to white, and using them to illuminate a poolside -- capable of holding big bushes and shrubs! Learn more at

Blok brooklyn planter (round)

BOXHILL's Blok Brooklyn Planter (Round) has a low profile, but it carries a huge impact. Its aesthetic is anything but typical -- organic style and neutral color keeps it understated, but its clean lines add an element of "cool" to any space. View our entire collection of elegant planters at

Tumbled landscape glass (crystal blue clear)

BOXHILL'S Tumbled Landscape Glass (Crystal Blue Clear) can be used in tons of ways around your home. For starters, you can seed it into freshly poured concrete or other surfaces to create a medley of texture and color or you can sprinkle it in firepits or planters to add interest. See all of our charming garden accessories at

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