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Freddie Mercury. met him when i was in jr high waiting for them to come out of the hotel on the way to the arena in omaha. our little group were the only ones waiting to see if we could catch a glimpse. this was right when he cut his hair. he asked me if i wanted to ride in the limo with him to the arena. my friends would not let me ride with him. i don't think i was his type...;) he was so sweet to us. poor freddie. so talented. lost so young. :(*

You are definitely The One Where Ross Finds Out! You're a romantic! You love love and you love love stories. You're always falling in love and feel things very deeply. You've definitely had your heart broken a few times but only because you're so open to others and believe in true happiness. And once you find it you REFUSE to let it go. Especially that one time you were "FINE" and expected everyone else to be FINE!

Nat King Cole - Straighten up and fly right...Chestnuts Roasting on a Open Fire. I love his Voice.

Roy Orbison. omg --- Pretty Woman , the song of songs, came out at the same time as The Beatles first album. They were forever fused together.

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