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Bold (adj.): showing an ability to take risks; confident and courageous. Beautiful (adj.): pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically, of a high standard. Benevolent (adj.): well meaning and kindly, serving a charitable purpose.

Im worried right now.....i miss you....and i feel like your gonna leave me for her....and i shouldnt feel that way but i do.....i think its because i know what she likes....and im getting scared😔😔.....i really love you and don't wanna lose you 😳


If you know me and dont like me, that's your choice, but i have never had ANY issues getting along with everyone!! And if you feel some way about me it's got to be a reason. So you don't like me? What did you do wrong? It's funny but it's also true

You don't have to be rich or pretty to be a decent person. This world judges WAY too much and we all know it. Be yourself. You're always going to have those people that stare and make dirty looks, but it's up to you on how you take it. -Caitlyn

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