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"Happiness" Original drawing, digitally colored. Work by Maria D Hegedus and Corrie D Bland. For print inquiries:

And I have a husband who loves me with all his heart, three of the most amazing children, a cuddly dog, supportive friends. God has blessed me beyond what I could ever need!! No wonder I am so happy!!

baby jaguar cuddling with a baby panther

(KO) Sweet little cats! They instinctively lie together and cuddle for warmth and companionship. They are so sweet! Very precious representatives of their kind. Some of the big cats are endangered, so these babies are important, indeed, and must survive!

yep this would be terrifying. I can just imagine it breaking straight through that glass.

25 Cutest Animal Pictures

Ok so i pinned this the other day cuz it was cute, now I found it out IT IS A DOLL!!!! Dressed as a child that weighs, and feels like a baby chimp. Now I am disturbed! I take my pin back UNPIN UNPIN!!!!

baby animals helping baby animals?...whoever says animals don't have a Wrong! This is caring not instinct!!!

The Britlist: A Gummy Bear Chandelier, The Big Dog Purse + More