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Even the villains have a story and a past. They're humans just as we are and we must remember that because every human has a weakness as we do.

Cuie's dreams told him these horrifying things as he curled with in his bed, tears swept down his cheeks as he he held his body. Was Caspian to win? Was he to take his land? Two kings one battle, demanded their kingdoms and Cuie couldn't very well bow to Caspian so he would he had to fight.

I silently sat in fear waiting for the military to see me. I had to get out. Now. Being a monsters daughter who loves her father that killed millions is not a good thing to be in this world.

"Do you know what it's like to know that your life serves no purpose? That all you're here to die?"

She acts brave and fierce, like she doesn't need anybody. But inside she just wants someone to love her, someone to want her. Which is something that she never got. (Someone probably says this about Jenilee)