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PHERC: Problem Hypothesis Experiment Results Conclusion- the Scientific Method. These notes will guide students through the steps to PHERC, it also...

Surface Tension Scientific Method Inquiry Experiment: Float a paper clip

How can you make a paper clip float??? Students are given materials and have to figure out how to use them to get a paper clip to float. Great intr...

7 Ideas for Teaching the Scientific Method

7 ideas for teaching the scientific method to your students: an experiment, task cards, video clip, games, and a free printable

Marshmallow Flight Lab: STEM Mom offers two versions of this lab, one that introduces the scientific method to students, and a second that allows students to develop an experiment on their own. FREE printable.

Free; These are an idea we implemented into our school building last year as a way to really engage teachers and students into the STEM way of thinking! They are designed to be done whenever the teacher wants to do them, with easy to find (and cheap) supplies.We try to do two of these a month!