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The tardigrade (tardi - slow, grado - walk) is a multi-cellular creature. It's special feature is the process of cryptobiosis. By this process, when put in an extreme cold, the tardigrade creates smaller ice crystals so that they will not be integrated into one that is large enough to burst through cell membranes. It can also slow the process of liquid in the blood solidifying. It keeps alive by reducing the metabolic activity to a minimum. As soon as the ice thaws, it starts to move around.

Cordyceps ignota (fungus) infects tarantulas. Its spores burrow into the spider, extending a legion of wispy fingers—collectively known as mycelium—throughout the body. The fingers are how the fungus grows, and how the spider dies. Once the tarantula’s insides are replaced with the fungus, fruiting bodies again burst forth to create art that could only come from such a bizarre demise.

17 Things That Prove Tardigrades Are Basically Superheroes