This 51-foot crocodile is a bicycle-powered kinetic sculpture. Tick Tock the Croc was built by a group of friends from Anne Arundel County, Md., for the Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race last May. Based on Captain Hook's reptilian nemesis from Peter Pan, this croc is the longest sculpture ever to compete in the race. As it wriggles by you, smoke shoots from its nostrils and music bellows from its chest. -

Have you ever seen four women dancing to techno music roll past you on a motorized giraffe? Because I now have seen that. Lindsay Lawlor built the electric giraffe, named Russel, for Burning Man, but brought him all the way to Queens for the New York City Maker Faire. -

Animated rock genius Doug Funny once wrote a song that opened, "Bangin' on a trashcan/Drummin' on a street light." The anonymous, hazmat suit-clad members of Glank have taken that concept to the extreme by creating a percussion performance art using only found objects and recycled percussion instruments. Tuned propane tanks and saw blades, motorcycle gears, and even metal bolts in plastic bottles combine to make beautiful music together. -

Welcome to no-holds-barred unmanned aerial combat. The objective is to knock your opponent to the ground—permanently. If a drone loses a part, the pilot has only 90 seconds to fix it and get it flying again. If a drone is knocked to the ground more than twice, it is disqualified. During the battle royale, the public address announcer summed it up nicely: "If they didn't slam each other in the air, it just would not be this exciting!" -

Robodyssey Systems, LLC is a New Jersey-based company that aims to get kids excited about robotics. If they keep making robots like these two fellas, who were chock full of personality, I don't think they'll have any trouble getting kids to take an interest in science and technology. The robots, ESRA II and ESRA III, use Servo Scriber software. They are made with high strength plastic gears, CNC cut Acetal parts, and servomechanisms. -

3D Printing ‪‎technology‬ will shorten the supply chain by making it unnecessary to have large quantities of finished products stacked in warehouses. ‪SmartLiving‬ ‪‎Mescab‬


Morpheus Resin 3D Printer With New LIPS Technology Unveiled at Inside 3D Printing Seoul

Keith was one of the earliest adopters of SDL (Selective Deposition Lamination) paper-based 3D printing technology. He used the Mcor Matrix monochrome (one colour) 3D printer to create elegant and organic sculptures, experimenting with a variety of forms, textures and finishes, including ordinary boot polish, to achieve his vision.

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