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Vivian Maier

By Vivian Maier. A full time nanny living in Chicago in the 60s, Vivian captured over 100,000 vivid portraits of street life with her Rolleiflex.

A sense of loyalty is keeping your friend top of mind when /she is going through a difficult time. It is defending her if someone makes a harsh judgment, even if that someone is you. It is believing in and encouraging her, being supportive regardless of circumstances. Now if the loyalty is not given back, it doesn’t mean I will be disloyal in return. It just means I was wrong about that person’s loyalty towards me and maybe I should reevaluate our friendship/relationship. ~ Brigitte Nicole

Friendship isn't about whom you have known the's about who came and never left your side . I'm gonna start crying now

porcelain ornament screenprinted with text/quotes by MB Art Studios on Etsy. Love her art! (super-nice seller too!)

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Nature shows us we are born of purity in innocence where we desire two simplicities of life..."to love & be loved!" So why does humanity prefer hate of another's differences over love & peace? Shall we not follow our hearts more rather than our heads?