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11 Style Lessons Learned From Clueless

amelie Materialism. In this generation, the measure of your success depends on the goods you own, how much stuff you have, what care you or your parents drive, what you wear and where you live. Kids naturally want things, especially if their friends have it too. Now don't get me wrong, I think we have all been guilty of begging our parents for that new pair of shoes that you believe will make you 'cooler' at school, or the newest iPhone so you can seem 'up to date' with the newest…

What To Pack

What to pack for a trip to Paris @flipandstyle || Blog Post:

Friday Favorites

Paint our corner cabinet to fit with new colour scheme in kitchen/dining room or living room or hallway in new house (if there's space for it!)

blanket fort inspiration. clay's is going to be epic this year. i have been collecting fabric and ideas! it's fun and silly and even romantic to hide out in a blanket fort together.

How to Create a Family Wall of Photos

My project this weekend: Re-doing the wall of 40 frames I tossed back up in frustration after taking it down to move when we didn't really move....How to Create a Family Wall of Photos | Walking on Sunshine My TIP: Take photos of your photo wall in case you have to dismantle it to paint or move so you can put it back the way it was. :-)

5.16 q&a: emergency budgets, upgrading, and undergarments

Happy Friday! Got any fun plans for the weekend? A few weeks ago, I created a little form where you could send me a question you'd like to see answered on the blog. Let's get down to a few of yo...

Designed by Mikhail Panteleev and made in Tokyo, the Volga Volga collection is so original and fun. Wear together for a complete Volga Volga look or create totally new outfits with pieces that you already have in your wardrobe.