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Hitler at home: Rare photographs show how the Nazi leader relaxed while he waged war

Adolf Hitler, wearing an Arbeitsfront cap, aboard the KDF Ship Robert Ley on its maiden voyage with Inge Ley (Robert Ley's wife) in 1939. German workers were offered free cruises through the 'Strength through Joy' scheme.

China dolls get a bad girl makeover in the skilled hands of sculptor Jessica Harrison...

Patience 'Boo' Brand fills a large saucepan with water from the urn on board the mobile canteen that she and her friend run on behalf of the Women's Voluntary Service, as men of the Pioneer Corps gather outside. In front of her, another urn and stacks of mugs can also be seen.

Mystery in Tokyo as hundreds of copies of Anne Frank’s Diary are defaced across public libraries

Picture shows Anne Frank at the age of 11, two years before her family went into hiding in 1942 from the Nazis.