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I originally posted this on my Tumblr blog, and since it seems to be popular I thought I'd challenge people here.<br /><br />30 Days of Art Improvement Challenge<br /><br />Are you tired of feeling like your art just isn't improving? Do you want to do a 30-day challenge that's actually useful? Welcome to 30 Days of Improvement Hell.<br /><br />I made this because I've been feeling super 'blah' about my art these days, and I needed something to kick-start myself. Who wants to do this with…

Welcome to tumblr everyone, hope you enjoy your stay! Remember please keep all limbs inside the ride at all times. Lol

Everyone is welcome, unless your a bully, rude or disrespectful; then you can leave.

Big Cats Love Hugs Too - 11th May 2015

Welcome to my world. Then he sits next to me and meow until I move and finally get up. If he is up so should everyone else be up too!

Welcome to tumblr, where every post ends in murder, and every murder post ends in a Sherlock/Supernatural reference.