Gooseberry, Tixia Gourmet gooseberry from Switzerland. The Swiss know and prize gooseberries—and this is their favorite. Thornless plants produce, large, smooth, ever so tasty bright-red berries; delicious in pies, jellies and juices. Upright, nearly thornless shrubs, 3-4 ft. tall, are vigorous and super-productive. Berries arrive mid-July. Self-pollinating shrubs are highly adaptable and easy-growing; resistant to mildew. Zone: 4-8 Sun: Full Sun Height: 3-4 feet Spread: 3-4 $13.95 1…

Hazelnuts - These nuts are ripe for picking when the leaves are just beginning to turn yellow. Found in woods, hedgerows and scrubland, try giving a branch a good shake and searching below the tree. The leaves are roundish, downy and toothed while the nuts are encased in a green, leafy cup.

Raspberry, Favorite Collection

Another pinner said: White Tomesol - 80 days. An amazing heirloom that is bursting with fragrance and natural goodness that’s hard to beat. One of the best tomatoes I have tasted, being both sweet and rich. The cream colored fruit are beautiful, smooth and weigh about 8 ounces each. The vines set heavy yields of this rare treasure. It’s sure to become a favorite of gourmet growers, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds $2.50 for 20 seed.

We're already planning for our 2014 garden! This is Potato, Midnight Moon. A masterpiece of color, form and flavor. The potentate of purple potatoes, attired in a gorgeous regal purple skin, and blessed with awesomely delicious, tender, moist, golden-yellow flesh. High moisture content makes these purple paragons perfect for mashing and baking. Very high yielding plants unleash a prodigious yield of gorgeous round tantalizing tubers.

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