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Ceramic Teapot, Shiboridashi teapot, Tea for one, gaiwan, Japanese tea set, tea bowl, small teapot

This teapot is called a shiboridashi in Japanese and gaiwan, or lidded bowl, in Chinese. This teapot is made from stoneware clay, by Talya Giladi, designed and created to illuminate the complex flavors of any tea brewed inside.

Gabby Malpas

'Tea and peaches' by Gabby Malpas. watercolour and pencil on arches paper Actual size x Peaches from the Redfern fruiterer, teapot, cup and plate from Salvation Army store, carpet from eBay, Malaysian sarong

Dragon Well

Dragon Well (Longjing) Premium Tea Dragon Well or Longjing is one of China's most famous...