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Infographic showing the 12 Types of Play including Parten 6 Stages of Play [Great info! Kids need some Vitamin PLAY everyday. Thx from Mrs. A at]

Reading and Writing Code while Using a Map

Unplugged coding is a great way to use critical spatial thinking as well as practice cardinal directions, map reading & general map skills for Social Studies!

Marketing Day: The MarTech landscape, a new normal for brands & Twitter's 10th anniversary

STEM Activities: The Great Pioneer Town Challenge Pack

The Great Pioneer Town STEM Challenge - Help a family of pioneer settlers by completing 5 exciting STEM activities!

Thinking of an adventurous time abroad working or interning? A graduate student's perspective on the rewards inherent in stepping out of your comfort zone. "I’ve gone trekking and saw the Annapurna Himalaya range at sunrise. About once a week, I have dinner with a former Tibetan monk who was imprisoned by the Chinese government at age 14."

STEM Activities Pack: The Great Desert Island Challenge

The Great Desert Island STEM Challenge - Save the shipwrecked traveler by completing 5 different STEM activities. A great way to start STEM in your classroom!

THE SAADTRUTH 294 - Generating Trudeau Eulogies Using The Aslan - Uygur Decoder 5000 by The Saad Truth Podcast on SoundCloud