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Magazine - Sculptures by Enrico Ferrarini

Sculptures by Enrico Ferrarini: After five years of study at the Art Institute A. Venturi in Modena, Enrico Ferrarini moved to Florence at the Academy of Fine Arts, Sculpture section. Traveled and work in different countries, France, Spain, Poland, England, Africa, Germany, specializing at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste München. Ferrarini currently lives and works in Carrara


In one striking example, we see Goldsworthy building a "screen" of dry reeds by attaching them together with thorns and hanging them in seemingly weightless and impossible shapes. It all appears magical and effortless until he suddenly stops short with a stricken expression, sensing a subtle shift in balance; one second later the work falls apart and Goldsworthy's body deflates with the loss. He sighs, and starts anew.

Manolo Valdés. Matisse como pretexto VII, 2000-. Oil, fabric, collage and assembling of gunny on canvas.

Lauren Clay

Lauren Clay creates these three-dimensional sculptures out of papier-mâché and painted cut paper (among many other things) that go far beyond the limits of paper’s two-dimensionality. has some information how to choose the snow removal tools for your home.

Sou Fujimoto has used spotlights, mirrors and specially composed sounds to create his "shifting forest of light" that responds to visitors' movements for fashion brand COS