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My team gave me this eCard in actual paper form today. Like a REAL CARD! It made me laugh SO HARD. Because I can get bitchy about timesheets. Not REALLY bitchy, but I know how much my team LOVES timesheets, and LOVE me for asking them about them all the time, and it makes the whole thing even more funny. :-) At least I hope they really found it as a joke. Hmm...

11/6/2012-Happy Election Day! Have you ever wondered why Election Day always falls on a Tuesday? It is an antiquated tradition dating back to the 1800s. In those days, many people had to travel a great distance from their farms to the closest town in order to vote. Tuesday was the best day because people could begin their journey on Monday and avoid traveling on the Sunday sabbath. It also ensured they would be home in time for market day on Wednesday.

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