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Jonathan Silver Scott from Property Brothers (always go with the one who can use a hammer) Love a crooked smile. Description from I searched for this on

This pair of Lipton Tea cups have smiling, winking faces and were produced in Staffordshire England in 1950 as part of a promotion for Lipton Tea. (This idea was copied in 1996 for Bailey's Irish Cream). These cups are in great shape for their age, with minimal crazing and no visible chips. A fabulous mid-century collectible!

'Infinite Monkey Cage Live’ review: Intelligent life found

If there really is intelligent life somewhere out there in the universe, comedian Greg Proops is hoping for something like that cute green girl in an early episode of “Star Trek.” The astronomer Seth Shostak smiled indulgently, then countered with the argument that advances in artificial intelligence on Earth may well be mirrored by another civilization in the 350 billion galaxies of the visible universe or even somewhere beyond. To support the regular British duo of Robin Ince, the…

The Sherman Robot Clock

In Geneva during the SIHH MB&F (who has the reputation of creating unconventional clocks) revealed Sherman : a little clock shaped like a robot and i

This young man has been getting bullied due to him having Tourette Syndrome. Girls everywhere, stand up and take notice of this guy. He's incredible.

The consequence or effects of one's karma can be described in two forms: phalas and samskaras. A phala (literally, fruit or result) is the visible or invisible effect that is typically immediate or within the current life. Samskaras are always those invisible effect that are produced inside the actor because of karma,