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Dinosaur themed Stickers, Coloring Page, bingo dabbers, finger paint or pom poms. Great for fine motor skill practice. :-D

Write the child's name in yellow highlighter, then have them choose a different bingo dabbler to dab each letter of their name. This really helps with letter formation and letter identification ( so important to identify the letters in their name for kdg readiness)

The number recognition game Simple yet effective! :} //have "chips" match Montessori colors. Easy to make.

Developing Fine Motor Skills

I created this Sight Words activity for my 4 year old. This is very easy and effective. You can use BINGO markers or colored dots. Have the child read the sight word, look for the sight word in the array, and place the color that corresponds with the sight word using a colored dot or BINGO marker.

Shapes Dot Painting {Free Printable

These shapes dot painting worksheets offer kids a fun hands on way to learn their shapes while working on fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. free printable | do a dot markers | bingo markers | dot markers | daubers