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Freemont Hotel downtown Las Vegas had an atomic bomb testing look-out platform. Visitors would go and wait to see the scheduled mushroom cloud tests off in a distance.

When We Tested Nuclear Bombs - In Focus - The Atlantic - Mannequins representing a typical American family gathered in a living room are pictured on March 15, 1953 in House No. 2, awaiting an atomic test explosion on Nevada proving grounds. (AP Photo)

A filmmaker explores the lives and deaths of her grandparents, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, who were executed as spies in 1953.

A huge mushroom cloud rises above Bikini atoll in the Marshall Islands on July 25, 1946 following an atomic test blast, part of the U.S. military's Operation Crossroads. The dark spots in foreground are ships that were placed near the blast site to test what an atom bomb would do to a fleet of warships. (AP Photo) #:

This "Survival Town" house, photographed recently, was built some 7,500 feet from a 29-kiloton nuclear detonation -- it remained essentially intact. Survival Town consisted of houses, office buildings, fallout shelters, power systems, communications equipment, radio broadcasting station, and trailer homes. The test, called Apple II, was fired on May 5, 1955.

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