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Cinnamon and Pear Fruit Leather

Cinnamon and Pear Fruit Leather by Takes 6 -7 hrs in the oven at 170F. (Maybe use a dehydrator instead?)

Amish White Bread

I make this bread once to twice a week... its a great basic almost no fail bread! I've been making this since early 2011... its a very rare thing for me to buy a loaf from the store (unless I'm s...

Are you interested in making your own fruit roll ups as a healthy snack? Our list of all-natural fruit leather recipes are super easy to prepare at home.

15 Fruit Leather Recipes You Will Love

15+ Mouthwatering Fruit Leather Recipes your kids will love, and great tips to make your processing easier! Great for after school snacks and lunches without the added sugars and chemicals. Some combinations may surprise you!

3-Ingredient Red Raspberry Fruit Leather (Oven Directions; No Dehydrator Required!). Naturally gluten-free, top allergen-free and vegan or paleo.