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Icelandic cod, avocado and chorizo

This exquisite cod recipe from Agnar Sverrisson of London's Texture is a delicious nod to the chef's Icelandic heritage.

Suckling Pig Poached in Milk, Apple chutney by Pascal Barbot. © Richard Haughton. - See more at:

Suprême de pigeon et foi gras chutney de figures et maury de chocolat - Frères Pourcele

Grilled Guajillo Chile Glazed Prawns with Charred Corn Relish & Creamy Edam Polenta by Christian Ojeda, Calistoga Ranch —Stacy Ventura

El Bulli's signature dishes

Salmon mi cuit with beetroots

This plate packs a punch both visually and in terms of taste, with the earthy beetroot perfectly offsetting the tender cured salmon.