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To Salt or Not to Salt? A Stubborn Question

To Salt or Not to Salt? It's a Stubborn Question:

Get with the DASH diet for the New Year! This diet, endorsed by a number of health organizations, can help decrease blood pressure, lower the risk for heart disease, kidney disease, stroke and cancer, and even reduce the risk of kidney stone formation.

Get the low-down on phosphorus, a mineral that is important for kidney patients to monitor because damaged kidneys are not able to remove phosphorus effectively. Get educated at:

Top 5 meds that demand caution -- Medications save and improve lives, but it can be easy to overlook their risks and side effects, especially if you don't think they apply to you. These five drugs should be avoided, or adjusted, if you have kidney disease:

We need you! The NKF has been nominated as a charity in the Chevron Houston Marathon’s Run for a Reason Program. Chevron will donate $50,000 to the charity that receives the most votes between now and January 3. Click the link below and vote for the National Kidney Foundation!

NKF Research Spotlight: Dr. Alex Chang is studying the effects of phosphorus on early-stage CKD patients. Learn more about this upcoming, NKF-supported research:

5 Danger Signs Not to Ignore – Your Kidneys or Heart Could be in Trouble