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A young adult book, but so awesome! It's basically an Egyptian version of Percy Jackson. It follows a brother & sister who must save the world from the god of chaos Set while dealing with the goddesses Bast (Bastet), Isis, Nut and the gods Anubis, Horus and Geb. I still need to read the sequel to this...

the goddess chronicles begins. . .

Swordswoman, Opera Singer, Runaway: 'Goddess' Chronicles A Fabled Life

Author Kelly Gardiner's new novel is a fictionalized version of the life of Julie d'Aubigny, a swashbuckling 17th-century fencer-turned-opera singer whose exploits often seem stranger than fiction.

Week 38: The Hunted

Read my short, no spoiler review! Reading 52 books this year was the best resolution EVER! Week 38: The Hunted | AdVerb Creative

Styxx/Acheron Birthday 2012 Excerpt - Excuse me as I cry post-reading that...

The Once and Future Goddess: A Sweeping Visual Chronicle of the Sacred Female and Her Reemergence in the Cult by Elinor Gadon,