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I love beach combing, well, mostly I like watching my children do it... But, I will tell you this, it has taught me a lot about building an income generating blog, and here is how...

Here is how to avoid the madness that can creep up when seeking to build your passive income generating blogging lifestyle in 2016… And yes, this comes from experience. As a matter of fact, it has been the better part of a decade of failures and successes online that has helped me put this little blog post together. Oh, you saw the word failure, well, everyone usually does at first, that is why the saying goes “if at first you don’t succeed…,” well. you know the rest, and so do I.

Yep, it's that time again to be heading to the sea with the family and the blog here. Here we come you sleepy little town of Bandon!

5 Blogs About Blogging I Follow Relentlessly, And Why You Should As Well!

Here is how to set up a well branded Blab Live Stream Page on your blog...

Niche marketing, Bigfoot and William Jevning. These are just a couple of things and person I am working on and with currently. So, I guess you could say the one thing they have in common is...well, me.

Life on the beach, that blogging lifestyle is not hard to attain, it just takes these 10 simple ways to better your blog traffic, because in the end, traffic is what will set you free here...

I have said it once, I will say it again; it was a summer of discontent for me. But, I did go on a vacation that will truly never end, and it really did help... Here is the story of my summer.

“See, in the end it is not just about making money with a blog, it’s about building a blogging lifestyle that keeps it coming…”