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258/365: Colors Life is full of colors, take a look around and fine the color in your life. Picture taken in New Hampshire at the Cog Rail...

17/365: Full Of Choices - Life is full of choices, which color do you choose?

54/365: Seeing Blue - I've never experienced such a visually and musically stimulating experience as The Blue Man Group in Las Vegas. Our seats were so close that every detail, every sound, every color was brought to life. Simply amazing experience.

180/365: Lava Lamp A lava lamp always brings me back to my early 20′s and the freedom of young adulthood. Such fun memories from a time in my life when anything was possible, nothing was troubling and the wind was at my fingertips. I had fun playing with the lighting, color and contrast of this photo.

203/365: Weirs Beach New Hampshire Family vacation to Weirs Beach on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire. Was a great week of fun, exploring and many laughs. The next week or two will have pictures highlighting our awesome vacation. It was great to be back in the New England area, I forgot how beautiful and stunning the landscape and topography is.

259/365: Swimming This female mallard duck is enjoying a relaxing swim in a local pond. Her colors are radiating as she enjoys not a care...

77/365: Life - Life can bloom anytime anywhere, even in the desert.

colors of India

277/365: Lava Lamp Life is like a lava lamp, you never know what you are going to see…

76/365: Painted Canvas - Life is a canvas, our actions can paint a beautiful landscape, full of depth and layers.