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All About Cured Meats

Meat. Fat. Spice. Salt. Time. Those five simple things are all it takes to make those fancy-sounding meats at the butcher, on a menu, at a dinner party – the soppressata, the coppa, the proscuitto,...

What’s the Difference Between Instacure #1 and #2?

Curing your own meat and what salts to use. What’s the Difference Between Insta Cure #1 and Insta Cure #2? Understanding Which You Need, and Why!

#FOOD - Salumi: Cured Meats of Italy

Italian food expert Marla Gulley Roncaglia of Bella Baita Italian Alps Mountain Retreat delves into the world of salumi. Read about the different varieties of Italian cured meats worth trying! Salumi: Cured Meats of Italy