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A must read for all young Adelaide poets and poetry enthusiasts! Poems are happening all around us - when you're breezing along on your bike seeing the people, houses, dogs and traffic as they flash by; or when there's a possum on the wall at school and everyone's gathered around; or when the seagulls rise and fall with each ball bowled at the oval.

Literary Thumbprint: Cheryl Sorg (Etsy shop owner) will take your actual thumbprint and a list of your 50 favorite books or quotes and create a thumbprint portrait for you. And it’s three feet tall! (burrowpress)

Oct 2014 - The first in-depth analysis of the new government's keystone policies. In Quarterly Essay 53, Paul Toohey looks at one of Tony Abbott's signature promises: to stop the boats. Has his government succeeded? If so, at what cost? In Java, Toohey observes asylum seekers heading for Australia and reports on the Indonesian response.

Armored by John Joseph Adams. $7.99. Publisher: Baen; Original edition (March 27, 2012). Author: John Joseph Adams

August 2014 - In the realm of amusing, deadpan greetings cards, Cath Tate is the original and best. In her thirty-year career she has created thousands of witty, original and often subversive cards, featuring grim-faced old ladies, ludicrously dressed 1920s gentlemen and bizarre-looking children, paired with text that perfectly captures her highly individual and devastatingly funny view on the world.

Book: How A House Is Built by Gail Gibbons. Gail Gibbons writes books with beautiful, realistic illustrations and great vocabulary - this books helps your children learn all about construction sites and home building.

As an adoptive mom, I’m always looking for ways to keep my child’s birth parents’ presence alive in our home despite the miles between us.

July 2014 - Not all interventions in Aboriginal Australia are inspired by external agents, politics or ideology. Some arise from pragmatic responses to community needs where people's aspirations are central. Mayne unravels a story of people, place and relationships. Personal and political, this is a journey of ideas to action; intervention through innovation.