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POÄNG Fauteuil, beukenfineer, Smidig zwart

FABIAN Wandplank IKEA Onbehandeld hout; af te werken met olie, was of lazuur voor een persoonlijk tintje en een slijtvaster oppervlak.

EKBY TRYGGVE Shelf IKEA Solid wood; can be cut to desired width, and stained to desired color.... can buy stain at Ikea

ЭКБИ ХЕМНЭС / ЭКБИ ХОЛЬ Полка навесная, серо-коричневый, черный

ЭКБИ ХЕМНЭС / ЭКБИ ХОЛЬ Полка навесная - серо-коричневый/черный - IKEA

LACK Wall shelf, birch effect

LACK Wall shelf IKEA The high gloss surfaces reflect light and give a vibrant look. $16.99 43 1/4"

MOLGER Wall shelf, birch

MOLGER Wall shelf - birch - IKEA cut in half link this from main piece of the the cat box, across either the door or over the door of the bathroom to the wall where the guinea pig cage is then down the wall to the floor for the cats to climb

Ikea Kitchen Islands. need this for the cozy kitchen. adds shelf space on one side, and seating for 2 on the other.

MULIG Clothes rack, white

MULIG Clothes rack - white - IKEA - Use as a frame for fabric privacy panels on the deck?!