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Educate yourself on the dangers of Genetically Modified Organisms found in our US food! International GMO Ban Alliance - How-to Guide to Ban GMOs in Your City

Especially this Holiday Season - Think seriously about what you're eating and buying for gifts, and make sure that you are fully aware of which businesses/companies you are supporting with your $.

Aluminum is the most widely used metal on the planet, and is used in the manufacturing of numerous every-day products. Soda cans are aluminum, cookware is made from aluminum, and of course aluminum foil can be found in most kitchens. Aluminum is also present in aspirin, vaccines, antacids, baking soda, and even flour. It is even sprayed into our skies through chemtrails. Unfortunately, there a number of factors that can influence or provoke aluminum toxicity.

This is part 2 of Steroids for Dinner. I will be exploring alternatives to eating industrial meat products and the labels on meat products. They can be both confusing and misleading. /

Easy Couscous Stuffed Tomatoes

This recipe for Easy Couscous Stuffed Tomatoes is a great way to close out summer! Served with crock pot chicken and spinach salad, it's a quick meal.

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