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Sweet Dreams Earrings

Jewelry Amazing Jewelry,Jewelry Accessories,Dreams Earrings,Mountain Closet,Fall Perfection,Sweet Dreams,Pre Fall,Sweets,Accessorize

Make a wish! Remember blowing a dandelion clock and making a wish when we were children? Those distant memories stay with us forever...This necklace has captured a piece of our sweet childhood memories. It features a large (20mm) glass orb with real dandelion seeds inside. This piece is absolutel...

Divine Days Druzy Bracelet in Clear

Jewelry Amazing Jewelry,Jewlery,Days Druzy,Divine Days,Druzy Bracelet,Summer Favorites,Spring Summer Fashion,Clear,Nails

Classy in the City Necklace in Peach Echo

City Necklace,Peach Echo,Sizzlin,Jada,Peaches,Bar,Gems,Club,Cities

Boho Beautiful Layered Necklace in Brown

Beautiful Layered,Boho Beautiful,Brown Eyed,Layered Necklace,Meritt Summer,Of Morrison,Clothes Accessories,Eyed Girl,Pay Attention

Party Favor Pave Necklace in Black

Favor Pave,Pave Necklace,Summer Favorites,Sizzlin,Party Favors,Amazing Jewelry,Jewls,Parties