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Details of the Head table centerpiece - showing the added bling :-) | Arlene Franklin created the base - I added the Bling to the base and created the Arrangement. - Found the Sparkling Philadendrum and just had to add it to the Bling Arrangement. :-) [see next views of the head tabel centerpiece]

While Arlene Franklin created the bling base - I created the arrangement for the headtable. | West Mt. Horeb Missionary Baptist Church - Dallas, Texas - [Precious Promises Christian Weddings & Beyond by Itheria]

Close-up of the Head table Centerpiece showing Bling :-)

Head Table for the Sunday Banquet at the Pastor & Wife Appreciation Day - 2014 - by the West Mt. Horeb MBC Appreciation Day Commette <3 Dallas, Texas

Close-up of Small Centerpiece

Banquet Table Arrangement - Base Created by Arlene Franklin - Floral Arrangement by Itheria Hutson of Precious Promises Christian Weddings and Beyond for the 24th Appreciation Day Event of the West Mt. Horeb MBC their Pastor & Wife Anniversary Celebration.

Satin Napkin 20 x 20 inch Silver at CV Linens | Woo, Woo, Woo - The Head Table would be Devine with thise Napkins :-)

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