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Quicklinks 1 EB Gauchos/Beds 2 EB Mid-Dinettes 3 EB Rear Dinettes 4 EB Couches 5 Dinettes W 6 RB Gauchos 7 Bunk/Platform 8 Captain Seats Page 6 DYO Rear Gaucho Roy Hybl's passion is fishing and exploring this beautiful country. The Regular Body Sprinter is only 19' long with a wheel base of 144" and a turning radius of only Continue Reading

When replacing brake fluid, it's necessary to flush out the system. Don't do that by reusing the old muddy brown fluid in the reservoir, we said in November 1992. Use a turkey baster to siphon the excess fluid from the reservoir, then add a little clean fluid to flush out the reservoir. And don't use that baster on poultry ever again. - PopularMechanics.com

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