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A large purple-splashed ‘Jun’ bowl, Song dynasty, the deep rounded sides rising from a spreading foot to a slightly incurved rim, covered overall in a pale lavender-blue glaze thinning to a mushroom tone at the rim, the exterior with an attractive violet-purple splash just below the rim, the unglazed footring revealing the brown body 18cm., 7 1/8 in.

Anping Bridge, a Song Dynasty stone beam bridge in China's Fujian province, 1.29 mile long. Built in 1138-1151. uncredited photo

宋元-钱选-水映芙蓉 | Painted by the Song Dynasty artist Qian Xuan 钱选… | China Online Museum - Chinese Art Galleries | Flickr

Porcelaneous stoneware with crackled blue glaze washer in the form of a hibiscus, Guan ware, from the Hangzhou kilns, Zhejiang, China. Southern Song dynasty (1127–1279 AD), 12th–13th century.

Celadon-glazed bowl with floral rim, Guan ware, Song dynasty, 1127-1279

The Song dynasty (960-1279) is considered one of the golden ages of Chinese ceramic production. The ceramics of this period, especially those used by the elite, tend to be simple but elegantly potted, with particular attention paid to the form of the vessel and the colour of the glaze. The elegance of Song dynasty ceramics has inspired and influenced potters the world over, up to the present day.