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For a long time I have wanted to be more environmentally conscious so the last two years or so I have taken measures to be more earth friendly. I have a compost toilet I compost all food scraps and paper I eat mostly fruit and grow organic vegetables. Now I am starting to swap all my plastic things with more sustainable materials both for my health and the earths. It feels so good!! Why didn't I do this sooner haha. My new years resolution is all about continuing to declutter my house/life…

Always believe in yourself, trust that inner intuition, don't fight it, let you be guided by lif itself, don't be afraid.

My mom said this to me alllll the time growing up - she was green before it was cool. Thanks for the sound advice Ma.

Earth Day: 23 Of The Greatest Environmental Quotes

Life = Earth, people, creatures. They are more important than money. Choose life. From Universe Explorers on Facebook.