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Picking Your Niche

For some picking their blogging niche is a no brainer. They know exactly what they want to blog about and already have a list of post titles all worked out. They have several posts already in draft all ready too. They are the lucky ones. Don’t panic if your sitting there with out a clue …

Influencer Marketing 101: What is a 'Social Media Influencer' and How Can They Help Your Biz?

Establish yourself as an expert

How to Establish Yourself as an Expert | @sprucerd How to attract the right clients, build your business, niche your brand

How to Create Your Own Niche

Finding Your Blogging Niche has been one of my most highly viewed posts to date. Readers keep sharing and coming back to this post that I wrote months ago, not because I shared ground-breaking information or did a fantastic job writing it, but because I believe finding a niche is one of the greatest struggles for entrepreneurs and bloggers. Especially when you’re first starting out, it’s hard to find that groove and zero in on a focused group of people to write for and market to. …

How to Find Your Niche or Personal Brand, Part 2

excellent bunch of questions and answers : How to Find Your Niche or Personal Brand, Part 2 - Tico and Tina

How To Find CLARITY When Your Brand Has Too Many Directions

When you're stuck wondering what direction you want to take your business in, or perhaps you feel like you have too many directions to choose from, brand CLARITY is what helps you make that decision. We often overlook the importance of having a defined idea of what our brand is and what it is that fits within our brand. This mini workbook is designed to help you achieve this brand CLARITY.

6 things I did to try and grow my business that worked like a charm!

Two weeks ago I shared a few of my utter business fails, so this week I thought I'd flip the script and talk about the things I did to build my business that actually worked! It doesn't matter what your niche or what your goals are - if you're looking to grow online nail these 6 things and you'll be well on your way!

How to Create a Style Guide for Your Brand

How to create a style guide for your brand. Want to learn how to create a cohesive brand style for your blog or business? Check out this post with FREE worksheets and templates to help you out!