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Make your own ice pack (for relieving pain)! These don't harden when they freeze so they can be manipulated.

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decorate with pens! I have done this before on thrift store plates and bowls - it's easy - peobo pens and then you bake.

Pocket Hand Warmers Fleece VANILLA CREAM Hearts Eco Friendly Handwarmers as Seen on One Good Thing by Jillee Gift Guide by WormeWoole

Awesome stocking stuffers: Poly-fleece filled with rice. Just pop these little cuties in the microwave for 30 seconds and then slip them into coat pockets to keep hands warm for up to an hour.

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51 Extraordinary Everyday Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide

51 Extraordinary Everyday Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide Categorized household, health, cleaning uses with descriptions.