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Gosses Bluff August 14th, 2002: Description: 142 million years ago, an asteroid or comet slammed into what is now the Missionary Plains in Australia’s Northern Territory, forming a crater 24 kilometers in diameter and 5 kilometers deep. Today, like a bull’s eye, the circular ring of hills that defines Gosses Bluff stands as a stark reminder of the event. Source: Landsat 7 To learn more about the Landsat satellite go to:

Earth from Space: Algerian sands by This image from the Ikonos-2 satellite shows the sandy and rocky terrain of the Sahara desert in western Algeria. The largest country in Africa, Algeria is covered more than 90% by the Sahara desert. Major oil and natural gas deposits lie beneath the Sahara, contributing to Algeria’s position as one of the wealthiest African nations. #Satellite_Image #Ikonos_2 #Algeria

GREAT BARRIER REEF (Australia): Print only and ready to hang pieces of "Opal Sands and Coral Forests" by satellite image artist Stuart Black on Etsy, $176.72 AUD