Venus sitting on a cloud with blindfolded Cupid; at her feet, a bull representing the zodiacal sign of Taurus Engraving

Venus; she sits in a chariot and holds a leash attached to a blindfolded Cupid aiming his bow and arrow; the chariot is drawn by two birds; beyond in the sky are zodiacal signs; on the ground various figures relax and promenade: a man fondles the breast of a woman and a group sit and play music together; others frolic in a pool of water etc; after Heemskerck Engraving touched in pen and brown ink by a later hand

Reverse copy after the Monogrammist IB (Bartsch VIII.304.17); in frontal view, the head in profile to l; holding a crescent moon in her r hand, a spear in her l hand; behind her a crayfish; below a landscape with ruins at l and a windmill at r; from a series of seven engravings of the planetary gods with their respective signs of the Zodiac standing in clouds. Engraving

Plate 13: December. The Roman god Saturn on a cloud at centre, Terminus as a term statue at left, a putto blowing something towards Saturn; the zodiacal sign of Capricorn beyond. 1698 Engraving

WL male figure, turned slightly to r, seated on a ram; holding sickle and scythe, about to devour one of his children; a male figure pouring water from a vessel representing Aquarius at upper l. c.1548 Engraving

WL female figure in profile to r with a broken pillar, a lion and a lion's skin on her head; after the so-called Tarocchi Cards of Mantegna. Engraving

HL female figure, her head in profile to l; hovering in clouds above a landscape; drawing geometric figures; after the so-called Tarocchi Cards of Mantegna. Engraving

Placa 2: Enero. El dios romano Jano sentado en una nube en el centro, con una gran llave y un espejo con el número '365' (?); el signo zodiacal de Acuario allá. 1698 Grabado

Plate 5: April. The Roman goddess Venus seated on a cloud at centre, seen from behind and half-naked, holding a cup and a torch of which smoke arises, Cupid blowing a lantern in left background; the zodiacal sign of Taurus beyond. 1698 Engraving

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