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Myers - Briggs personality types #personalityquiz

There’s no logical reason for this mental assumption, just a post hoc of mine. I know 5 INFPs well, all of whom have pursued journalism, writing books, or blogging (or a combo of those). Odd coincidence?

Said by an INTP friend when we were talking about relationships. I was like “oh, man! Extraverted feeling…it’s a pain sometimes.” The desire to harmonize can be obnoxious.

I thought it was just me running into this, then I mentioned it an INTJ friend of mine. When I told her about it I got a vehement ”yes! that! that happens so much!” She worked across from an INTP and would try to engage him. She said she eventually found an area of knowledge he enjoyed going into detail on and would ping him on that whenever she felt like starting up a conversation. For INxJs most things connect to a lot of other things, so if we mention something, we want to go into

"If there’s one thing I would tell an NF on the job hunt: interview your boss. I had one that was passive-aggressive and micromanaged me. That job was a nightmare. At the same job, I later had a different boss who gave me freedom and sheltered me from drama—huge difference. A good boss can make a bad company acceptable, a bad boss can make a good company painful." - Courtesy of

I was once told by an INTJ that he didn’t invite me to an event because he figured I would have troubles with the menu. T_T All the Ps I’ve hung out with view allergies as something else to consider when generating options but, not a big deal. Many Js I’ve hung out with get locked into whatever is safe and concerned with the worst possible thing happening.

I adore the INTJs in my life, I seem to collect them. I used to find them bewildering and have conflict that was misunderstanding more than anything.

I was ignoring packing. Too much energy is required to pack things. Just doesn’t sound enjoyable. Then my current landlord was being an ass. Ben (INTJ) was a sweet heart with helping me. It’s funny when I seem like the grumpy T and he’s the chipper F. (Also, thanks for the wishes! <3 you guys. Still on the look :/ ) 1,000×816 pixels