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Community Post: The 11 Best Redhead Gatherings Of 2013

You can't be too careful when there are #fairies about. You must hide the things you don't want to them steal. Beautiful image by Florence Harrison (1877–1955) Art Nouveau and #Pre-Raphaelite #illustrator. More

Their mother roamed the woods during the day, muttering to herself and the trees as she tended to her gardens and sprites. "Her husband's name is Saaben, his wife's name is unknown. Oh! Her coming out ball is in a year!" Though both the children knew no such thing would become of either of them. They wouldn't marry, much less introduce themselves into society.

Red Velvet Cake to Ariel Red Ombre. If I'm allowed to have an unnatural color at work, then I'm definitely doing this once my hair gets longer.

Brigid Wolf Maiden --- From frozen winter wilds come through; To wake from sleep all life anew. Wolf Spirit-path finder Brigid Goddess - fire bringer, Come light our ways, Come warm our days, The Imbolc spark of life is come! Blessings brought by Brigid's swan! (by Wendy Andrew)

This young girl looks horrified and as though she's protecting the chicken. The young are so much more open minded and caring. Why do we lose that as we grow?