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CRIIGEN is a unique international group of experts having a transdisciplinary approach on the benefits and risks of genetic engineering, and on alternatives. It is independent from biotech companies and promotes counter-analyses.

Shame on Florida!!! Florida regulations voted to rollback its energy efficiency standards and end its solar rebate program, giving big utility companies almost everything they

The House is voting NOW to pass an UNACCEPTABLE Farm Bill! Call your Rep. now and say 'Vote NO', do not pass this Farm Bill. They will vote on it by 2pm EST.-- Please repin and share... Find your Rep. here:

There is a choice. Protect the Renewable Fuel Standard

Harnessing the potential of the deep sea to renew the earth’s cycles and processes and to create a more sustainable human society in five critical areas. OCEAN SPIRAL/Shimizu Dream - Shimizu Corporation

Get a closer look at the efforts to map our endangered forests | MNN - Mother Nature Network

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