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Vladimir Putin - At least this Man gets it will not compromise his Nation and it's people! Too Bad we don't have a leader like that in the USA!

Dear Liberals, Please stop using other peoples heartache & national tragedies to push your own agendas. It's disgusting. But their mantra is 'never let a crisis go to waste' to get their political agenda out there. They have little sympathy for the individual victims - it's all about their socialist agenda.

"Just watch me." I say, clicking the windows open. My eyes falls closed and the wind ruffles my dress. My arms spread like a bird and I fall. -The Death Hollows, Rachel M

I love the collection of images at Ville Noire. Scrolling down is a headfuck - iconic and incongruous

Description Hi.I'm Elma,from Bosnia. I mostly post depressing shit but light gets in through the cracks sometimes :) Drawing,sleeping and music are my escape from reality.