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Explore Park Mexico, Mexico Cabo and more!

Capturing the Wonder of the Sea in Stunning Black and White. Underwater photography never gets old. It provides a look at a world most of us only dream of exploring. Anuar Patjane provides an intimate look at this wondrous place in Underwater Realm

Secret shame of Mexico City's homeless 'Rat Children'

Pregnant: Emilia, 17, who sleeps rough in a park in Mexico City, ran away after she was raped by her father at 13 and became pregnant. He said he would kill her if she told anyone. Her baby boy died at six months from inhaling fumes of the addictive drug she takes to numb the pain of her life

Ryann Ford. The Last Stop

Ryann Ford. Near Lajitas, Texas – FM 170 – This is one of the most remote rest areas in the country. These teepees are hidden just outside Big Bend National Park, right on the Rio Grande, which divides the United States and Mexico. As we were shooting, a pack of Javelinas ran by.

These parents died on desert trek but saved son by giving him extra water

The boy was rescued by park rangers after French couple David and Ornella Steiner embarked on a midday expedition with their son in soaring temperatures

From the gaping jaws of a giant shark to the intricate dance of mating seahorses - the Best Underwater Photographer of the Year Competition reveals its winner

Whirlpool: A diver on the seabed in Cabo, New Mexico, works next to a huge shoal of fish who swirl around each other

David and Goliath by Octavio Aburto "Together with my friend David Castro, we were diving with a large group of Bigeye travellies at Cabo Pulmo National Park, Mexico. Thousands of fish forming a ball during the reproduction courtship. In the afternoon, these fish congregate to form a large spawning aggregation around the reefs of the National Park."