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Journey to the West - Conquering the Demons - I was very excited to see this because it was made by Stephen Chow. I was kinda disappointed. There's some good stuff, but I just wasn't feeling it. The best is near the end I think.

The Last Runaway by Tracy Chevalier

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The Heat - I had high expectations and was not disappointed. Very entertaining. They skipped some of the stuff from the previews, thankfully. These two are a good pair. But can Sandra Bullock stop playing this character please.

This Boy by Alan Johnson

Are these the most amusing Amazon reviews EVER?

All 'Shiva P' wanted was some wolves from his The Wolf of Wall Street DVD - and…

December 2014 | The Legacy by Katherine Webb - until the end, the past was more exciting than the present parts of the story and I was disappointed by the Erica/Dinny ending but overall I enjoyed this book.

Detention-Picked this on Netflix and was not disappointed but will caution not for everyone, a weird mix of Scream, 80's teen comedy, 90's teen comedy, not scary, a bit of gore, quirky and fun